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Thread: skystar 2 incorrect signal level proplem

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    skystar 2 incorrect signal level proplem

    i bought a skystar2 pci card , it work fine viewing the channels but the signal level is always 100% !! , even if there is no signal at all , and i found that some channels is missing .
    i try it on another pc and it is all the same

    when i went to replace it , the seller refuse saying that it has no problem and i should run it on the software within the cd driver
    well the question should i shoot him?!

    please response

    best regard

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    Re: skystar 2 incorrect signal level proplem

    First off, out of intrest which Software are you using?
    I prefer a little Linux on the side myself ;)

    Sadly my TT S2-3200's (Skystar HD), have an undocumented chip on board that makes the Power/SN Ratios unreadable. :(

    Other then that they work well enough though.

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    Re: skystar 2 incorrect signal level proplem

    are u getting channels when you scan like signal and quality at that time too
    but when on the main page only singal high

    im thinking it has to do with the computer and software problems

    because i always had that problem with all sorts of software of dvb-s

    and my card works and gets signal and quality right when scanning channels

    back when dish n2 was on my card geniatech i was using the dish pro plu or quad and an inserter to power it up fine but with out the inserter i don't know of weather to go with a powered universal fta multiswitch

    because siganal and quality should read properly when scanning only sometimes

    as i even use other card like the nova-s i don't get any signal or quality just because im using another dish thats not powered up to the same frequencys

    like if the power inserter dp was for the card and the dish dish

    and the dish im trying to work on for sky wont get anything as pointed right

    without more of the same frequency powered lnb satellite i would be there forever

    anyone have any idea what im talking about how do u go by a dish straight to the card without having to put apowered swith the one that connects to the wall

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