UKTV licenses Good Food brand

By Julian Clover | May 13, 2009

UKTV has licensed the Good Food brand from its shareholder BBC Worldwide. The name will be used in the tenth and final channel rebrand when Good Food replaces UKTV Food on June 22

The channel’s tagline “We have fun with food” will focus in on the 25-44 year old core audience with programmes including Optomen’s Market Kitchen, Cactus TV’s Rachel Allen: Bake!, IWC’s James Martin’s Brittany, plus Ace of Cakes, Dinner Impossible and Oliver’s Twist.

“We are thrilled to mark our tenth and final channel rebrand with a completely different approach: licensing an established brand name that has both heritage and credibility associated with it, commented UKTV Controller, Matthew Littleford.
The rebrand completes an 18-month process that has seen new names emerge in Dave, GOLD, Alibi, Watch, Eden, Blighty and Yesterday.

BBC Worldwide will continue to publish its Good Food Magazine and associated website. The Good Food channel will also have its own website, capitalising on the popularity of the current UKTV Food site.