Saudi Arabia to regulate websites, privatise TV

Saudi Minister of Culture and Information, Dr Abdulaziz Khoja, has revealed Saudi Arabia’s intention to enact laws, regulation, and legislation for newspapers and internet websites. The most important of the proposed legislation is for websites to require official licences to be granted by a special agency under the purview of the Ministry of Information.

The Saudi Minister of Information also confirmed to Asharq Al-Awsat the formation of an official committee comprised of members of the Ministry of Information and others to study the draft privatization project of Saudi television and the Saudi News Agency, following in the example of some other Arab countries.

The Minister said “There is an official committee that is studying the project of privatizing some branches of the Saudi Ministry of Culture and Information such as the television and the Saudi News Agency. This committee will complete its study soon…within a few months.” The Saudi Minister of Information also disclosed that his Ministry was considering granting a number of radio licences.