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Thread: New Satellite Atlantic Bird 7 at 7W

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    Arrow New Satellite Atlantic Bird 7 at 7W

    New Satellite Atlantic Bird 7 at 7W

    Satellite operator Eutelsat Communications for the company Astrium has ordered the delivery of a new telecommunications satellite Atlantic Bird 7 for the operation of the orbital position 7 degrees west. Satellite delivery is scheduled for the fourth quarter 2011 and will cover the Middle East and North Africa, which together cover the Egyptian satellite operator Niles (Niles satellite 101 and Niles 102). Launchers selects Eutelsat later.

    Atlantic Bird 7 is the satellite, which was more recently placed under the working title of Atlantic Bird 4-R. Atlantic Bird 7 satellite will replace the original Atlantic Bird 4, which moves to the position originally planned as a 13 ° E Hot Bird 10 and take a service for the Hot Bird 6th Atlantic Bird 4 satellite was in position 7 ° W put into operation in March of this year and replace the old satellite Atlantic Bird 4th This left 7 ° W, and headed east. Location 7 St. West has transferred over 450 television programs for more than 38 million households.

    New satellite Atlantic Bird 7 will increase the number of active transponders on the position of 7 ° W from 26 to 50 This position is 101 and the Niles Niles 102nd In the middle of next year will be the position of 7 ° W new satellite parked Niles 201 Eutelsat Nilesatem together with the creation of the position Nilebird.

    Satellite Atlantic Bird 7 shall be based on the Astrium Eurostar E3000 platforms and optimized for the broadcast coverage area with 2 - Middle East, including the Gulf States and also North Africa and Northwest Africa.

    To 44 transponders in Ku band may be attached to the Executive footprint covering the Middle East and North Africa for the transmission of programs by means of DTH (direct-to-home). The second volume will cover the north-west Africa, and reaches up to Guinejskému Gulf. In this area, can serve up to 12 transponders for Ku pásmových TV / R posting and rapid access to the Internet.

    Satellite Atlantic Bird 7 is part of Eutelsat for 2008 to 2011.

    Atlantic Bird 7 is in the order of the 18th satellite, which ordered the Eutelsat company Astrium. Satellites will track the orbital work more than 15 years.

    Technical parameters of satellite Atlantic Bird 7:
    Platform: Astrium Eurostar E3000
    Width with solar panels: 33 m
    Weight at start: 4.6 tonnes
    Performance at the end of satellite life: 12 kW
    Expected life of satellites: at least 15 years

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    Eutelsat’s very busy day

    Eutelsat’s very busy day
    Chris Forrester

    Eutelsat had an extraordinarily busy May 14. Early in the morning came a formal announcement that its 50% joint-venture (with SES Astra) Solaris Mobile was not working as planned and was subject to further testing. Moments later came news that Eutelsat had selected Astrium as main contractor for its Atlantic Bird 7 craft (7 deg West).

    AB7 should launch later in 2011. The 7 deg West position is alongside Egypt’s Nilesat craft. A successful launch will allow Eutelsat to re-deploy AB4A back to its initial mission and name, of Hot Bird 10 and in orbit at 13 deg East.

    Meanwhile, Eutelsat also updated the market with its latest numbers for its Q3 (and 9 month) trading results, which were well worth shouting about. For example, Eutelsat’s CEO Giuliano Berretta reported a 5.6% increase in Q3 revenues, compared to last year, while its 9-month revenues were 7.1% ahead of the company’s annual targets. This element alone prompted a further upgrading of Eutelsat’s expectations for the year, to “above €925m” (from €910m) for the full year.

    Berretta’s comments spoke about Eutelsat’s ability to manage the current economic situation. He said: “Our Group is fully benefiting from its solid model as an infrastructure business focused on digital broadcasting and broadband markets with lasting prospects for growth. Our leadership in the EMEA region, combined with this strong commercial positioning have resulted in continued growth of more than 5% for this quarter, consolidating our excellent perspectives for further development.”

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