Telenet launches ICONTV portal

By Robert Briel

Telenet digital TV has launched ICONTV, the world’s first interactive design portal.

The Belgian solution provider Zappware was tapped by the Pontes Group, a Belgian idea-management software and services company, to deliver the interactive portal for design brands.

The service is based on Zappware’s new iFormat for catalogues, dubbed “iCatalogue”, which allows the promotion of a wide range of items (products or services) through a fully interactive catalogue on digital TV.

Text and images describe each item on one or more screens. More information on items is made available in the form of a photo gallery and/or i Video-On-Demand (iVOD).

The ultimate goal of any promotion is to generate leads. Therefore it is possible to add a multiple-choice quiz and/or a module for brochure or info requests for each item. Both are compliant with the European privacy regulations.