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Thread: C line diablo wifi??

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    C line diablo wifi??

    Hello! can somebody please explaine what is a c line when talking about diablo wifi config?? And how do I change it??

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    Re: C line diablo wifi??

    you can copy cccam.cfg from diablo to the pc with cis8.6c and then edit it with programms like dcc und put it back to diablo.
    just have a look in the cccam.cfg on your dreambox. its all explained inthere.

    you need on your dreambox a f-line:
    F: user password



    and in cccam.cfg from diablo a c-line:
    c: 12000 user password

    replace with your dreambox ip.

    port 12000 has to be open on your router

    now you should be able to share your cards from the dreambox to the receiver with the wifi

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