Ziggo submits cable reseller model

By Robert Briel | May 18, 2009

The Dutch cable operator Ziggo has submitted its cable reseller model for third parties to the telecom regulator OPTA.

The model comprises a description of the service offered by the cable operator to any party wishing to sell the analogue bouquet, as well as the conditions. However, there is no indication of the price resellers have to pay to Ziggo.

The model will be the basis of further negotiations, which will be organised by OPTA with both Ziggo and UPC and all parties interested in reselling the basic analogue cable bouquet.

Under the OPTA rules, third parties have to sell exactly the same analogue product as the cable companies are selling, and no variations, except in pricing, will be allowed.

One point of discussion will be the question if third party resellers will need separate agreements with all broadcasters that are part of the analogue tier or that the current contracts between the cabler and the channels will also cover any third party reselling.