Panasonic Freesat+ boxes unveiled

Thursday, May 21 2009, 11:12 BST

By James Welsh

Panasonic has released detailed information about their new range of Freesat+ digital video recorders.

Three models are to hit store shelves in June: the DMR-XS350 hard disk/DVD recorder; the DMR-BS750 hard disk/Blu-ray recorder; and the DMR-BS850, which is also Blu-ray based but has a larger hard drive.

All three are compatible with the Freesat+ standard and have broadband connectivity to enable access to Youtube and Picasa over VieraLink.

The XS350 DVD recorder will store HD programmes on its 250GB hard drive and then save to DVD in standard definition. The Blu-ray recorders allow viewers to permanently archive HD content to BR discs.