AMOS 5: Progress of work

In April the JSC “ISS” completed a preliminary design review for the AMOS 5 satellite. The ISS’s specialists in cooperation with the customer’s representatives reviewed the design documentation for the entire satellite and all its subsystems. A preliminary design review of the spacecraft instruments is scheduled for this month. The work on the project is progressing on schedule.

The Amos 5 telecommunications satellite is being built on the Express-1000H platform by the JSC “ISS” for the Israeli satellite communication service provider, Space Communication Ltd. The contract was signed in June, 2008. The satellite mass will total 1,6 tons and it will be equipped with 36 C-band and Ku-band transponders. The designed payload power is 5,6 kW. The satellite is expected to provide 15 years of service life.

The subcontracting supplier of the repeater and antennas is Thales Alenia Space.