ISS Reshetnev To Build Express-AM5 and Express-AM6 for RSCC

Russian Satellite Communications Company (RSCC) has informed that the Information Satellite Systems Reshetnev (ISS Reshetnev) is the winner of the open tender for design, development and manufacture of Express AM5 and Express AM6 satellites .

According to the conclusion of the tender commission, consisting of RSCC’, Rossvyaz’ and Roscosmos’ representatives, ISS Reshetnev offered the best price and terms for manufacturing the satellites as well as optimal work quality guarantees. Thus, the development costs for two satellites will make up 11,879,900.00 rubles ( approx. 375 Nillions US Dollars ) which is by 10% less than the other tender participants’ offers.

Besides ISS Reshetnev, S.P. Korolev Rocket and Space Corporation as well as Khrunichev SCRPC took part in tender.

Manufacture and launch of Express AM5 and Express AM6 satellites are envisaged in the 2006-2015 Federal Space Program of Russia. The satellites are scheduled to be put into orbit in 2012 at 140 degrees East and 53 degrees East orbital slots, respectively. Express AM5 and Express AM6 are designed to provide a large broadcast services range, inclusive digital TV and Radio broadcasting, multimedia services, telephony, mobile communications. The operational service time of each satellite is 15 years.

The spacecraft will be developed in co-operation of Reshetnev ISS and Thales Alenia Space.