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Thread: Abracadabra help

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    Question Abracadabra help

    i'm using a starsat sr-x6300usb with an abracadabra card.
    i'm familiar with some basic receiver fixes, i do them all the time in canada, but i'm staying in lebanon for the next little while and i've never update a receiver with a card before.

    I'm lost! should i be using the firmware files, or the KYNG data? is it as simple as updating the receiver with the new zeta?
    and is there any reason why i can't update my card with my usb?
    i have all my channels except the ones i want to watch like
    showtime and ART sports and ESPN.
    video tutorials or a walkthrough would help too, i'm not completely in the dark but i definitely need a push in the right direction.

    any help would be frikken awesome!
    ( i posted this in another thread but was afraid it would get overlooked by someone in the know)

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    Re: Abracadabra help

    my mate you need cable and fimware of BETA and you will reciver all channel

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