Aus DTT count now official

Rose Major

Results from the first official count of Australia’s digital TV homes are in, with just under half of the country now confirmed to have switched to free-to-air digital terrestrial TV broadcasts.

As of the end of March, 47% of homes had DTT, with 82% of homes having heard of the government’s plan to switch Australia over to digital. However, under 1% know when the analogue signal will be switched off in their area.

For those homes that consider their main TV set not to be digitally ready, 78% intend to make their main set ready for switchover, with about half of those (49%) intending to do it just before switchover.

Homes with digital TV are in the majority satisfied with it, with 77% giving that answer. Nearly all the reasons given for dissatisfaction revolve around reception problems.

Converted homes have more TV sets per home than those not converted (36% vs 26% with three or more sets) and have a higher household income (36% vs 22% with annual income over A$90,000).

Newspoll is conducting the research for the government, with 9,900 interviews completed for the tracker.