Avinity and Neotion integrate CI Plus

By Robert Briel | May 26, 2009

ANGA CABLE 2009 – COLOGNE. Avinity Systems and Neotion have announced the integration of their product offerings to bring advanced applications such as VOD navigation, rich interactive ads and accessing Web video to television sets with CI Plus capability, without the need for a separate two-way set-top box.

The Avinity network-based platform enables interactive services and access to on-demand content over any network to any existing two-way set-top box or television.

Neotion CI Plus Hybrid IP modules bring two-way capabilities to legacy mainstream receivers and TV sets. Doing so, such advanced modules are tailored for TV operators’ needs, aiming at running their services directly on the digital TV set.

“This approach to application deployment greatly reduces cost and complexity of launching and managing rich media content for both content provider and operator” said Ronald Brockmann, CEO of Avinity, in a statement. “Deploying without separate set-top box is more convenient for the consumer, less expensive for the operator, and now supports the same advanced on-demand and interactive services.”