S&T and Humax show MHEG online video

By Julian Clover | May 27, 2009

ANGA 2009 – COLOGNE. S&T, the UK-based interactive technology developer, has unveiled the first application capable of delivering streaming video from the internet to the TV using MHEG-5 middleware.

Working with set-top box manufacturer Humax, S&T has developed its RedKey 2 technology to exploit the MHEG Interaction Channel, defined by the sixth edition of the Digital TV Group’s D-Book. Humax intends to use the technology for products designed for the new Freeview HD platform.

The system allows broadcasters to retain control over delivered video content – effectively creating a walled garden – and interactive advertising options are also a part of the deployment.

The MHEG-5 middleware is best known from its use on the Freeview DTT platform, but significant orders have been awarded overseas, and the technology is seen in some quarters as an alternative to the DVB-backed MHP.