BSkyB link with Microsoft on X-Box

Chris Forrester

Rapid TV News understands that the long-awaited link up between BSkyB and Microsoft’s X-Box is at last going to happen. Full details will be announced tomorrow (Thursday, May 28).

Some two years ago, in July 2007, BSkyB’s COO Mike Darcy confirmed that the broadcaster was talking to Microsoft about the possibility of using Microsoft’s Windows Media as another route to users. Yesterday Sky confirmed the music download deal between itself and Universal Music (Sky Songs) is now a reality and priced between £4.99 per month and £11.99 a month depending on the number of downloads.

Providing some sort of BSkyB functionality for Microsoft X-Box/360 users could potentially deliver millions more users in the UK and Ireland to BSkyB.

Within the past few days Microsoft has provided updates to its Vista operating system (Service Pack 2) which enables users with Blu-ray Disc drives to burn programming directly to the disc (including HD) using internet Explorer. This move may be unrelated to the upcoming Sky announcement, but indicates the convergence that’s increasingly seen between programming and console devices.