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Thread: kaon media stb flashing and firmware

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    Question kaon media stb flashing and firmware

    this receiver made by kaon. and used in india by air_tel dth provider

    can I flash this stb? any available firware for this?
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    Re: kaon media stb flashing and firmware

    I am also trying this.

    this Set Top Box manufactured by Kaonmedia & Model No is KSC-BC2NS
    If any friends get this firmware & Softwares please share it. as it is a DVB S2 MPEG 4 Receiver
    Through this we can receive FTA DVB S2 MPEG 4 TV Channels

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    Re: kaon media stb flashing and firmware

    Hello, were you able to obtain the firmware for this model. If so could you please advise me how to perform

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