Digi TV adjust the encoding sys to exclue pirates

Released: 28.05.2009, 14:19 TODAY!

Multiteritoriální Pay-TV Digi TV platform to make substantial changes in the Nagravision conditional access system, which means that pirated excluded income, including the so-called AutoUpdate.

Digi TV is recently the most popular platform on the black market due to the use of the old system Nagravision 2 but also mainly because of the rich menu of attractive film and sports TV channels. This platform is one of the few services that have long nevypořádala black income. Other European platform has moved to a higher version of the coding system, possibly using a different coding system.

Pay-TV service is distributed via satellite, Intelsat 10-02 (1 ° W) and Thor 5 (0.8 ° W) and operates in six countries, including the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Is gaining viewers thanks to its rich menu of programs for a low price.