Price rises for Premiere/Sky

Chris Forrester


German pay-TV operator Premiere is due to change its name to ‘Sky’ on July 4, and with the new name and look comes a new pricing structure. New subs will immediately be paying higher prices.

Existing subscribers are protected for the time being – but price rises will also affect existing viewers. News Corp owns a 30.5% stake in Premiere/Sky.

CEO Mark Williams said the price rises will especially affect those viewers who, until now, have been paying just €19.99 to watch Bundesliga soccer games. New subs will have to subscribe to the ‘Sky Welt’ bundle, which will cost €32.90 a month.

Premiere/Sky has some 2.37m subscribers on contracts that – for some – run until the end of 2010, so they are protected just for the moment.

But there will be benefits. “We do everything to minimize the number of subscribers not prolonging their contracts and plan incentives to migrate our subscribers to the new price and package structure," Williams said in an interview for Dow Jones Newswires. “The incentives could range from bonus offers [for] high definition, or HD receivers, although no final decision has been made yet,” he said.