Lowest ever ratings for TF1

By Robert Briel | June 3, 2009

The ratings of the number one French commercial broadcaster TF1 continue to decline with the rapid advance of digital terrestrial broadcasting.

Research from Médiamétrie shows that in May TF1 posted its lowest monthly audience share ever, down to 25.5%. The total viewing share of all ‘new’ DTT channels meanwhile reached 27.3%, an all-time high.

The ‘traditional’ channels still account for the vast majority of viewers, with a total share of 72.7%, but the figures continue to erode, with a loss of 3.2% over the past 12 months.

The two main public channels are also affected: France 2 fell over the year to 16.8% (down from 17.3%), and France 3 to 12.1% (from 13%).

M6 remained stable, rising by 0.1 percentage points year on year (11.2%), as well as Canal + (3.6%) and Arte (1.7%).

TMC remains the leader of the new entrants of DTT, with 2.5% audience share (+0.4%) in May, followed by W9 (2.4%, plus 0.6%).

Then came Gulli (1.7%, +0.2%), NRJ12 (1.4%,+0.4%), NT1 (1.4%, +0.2%), Direct 8 (1.4%, +0.7%), France 4 (1.1%, +0.2%), BFMTV (0.6%,+ 0.2%), Virgin 17 (0.6%, +0.1%) and i-Tele (0.5%, +0.2%).

Just last week, TF1 announced it was in the final stages of gaining control of the ‘new’ channels TMC and NT1