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Thread: help me irdeto2

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    help me irdeto2


    I have Card showtime and EMM +ECM

    How open the channel ??

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    Re: help me irdeto2

    this Code

    824038CB2E03FE00000030F6E159767281A0277C32AEE0AD15 E893E8FFDB293921686C837DBCD695370A04CDCDBC1C4D9A9A 3318B5AA1D27DCD5F4

    82403F0256E500003038DE0D3613A8E467EC6827D2F446C152 DBD12DD76A4426B64902ED42E6DEEC153AA03619EAEAD7A7B7 20B921248DF1822A5DB42FE86E422EE6
    82403F0A56E4000030384E1DBB323C3CE3130CFC7981CBF77D 4DE4681E1EF9C49CA77991715A592B80A40EBB82CB1DD68CC2 FD5584E53BBD03CE0EDCBCB4546B9501
    824038CBA58D710000003038700D478FA5CAFDEF26B69C6C8C 3F049107C4F3A4BB26FD7DAE899166BF2CF37D8F57F63B44DC E5267621E8EB69A91E
    82403F0204A90000203801ADC308C00EEF325153D881709937 CC93AADFFE78EE5C672D446D517BF20A5B

    How open the Channel??

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    Wink Re: help me irdeto2

    what reciever you use starsat or cristor ,you take latest firm and you put your abracards in receiver and you watch chanel on nilesat art -showtime.
    regards mag

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    Re: help me irdeto2


    I have starsat but not Have Abracard

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    Re: help me irdeto2

    Quote Originally Posted by Jrak View Post

    I have starsat but not Have Abracard
    without abracard you can't do.

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    Re: help me irdeto2

    this line is EMM How Can I extract key?? for EMMS

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    Re: help me irdeto2

    Where Are you??

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