Dutch football channel disappoints

By Robert Briel | June 5, 2009

Even though the Dutch football channel Eredivisie Live has 350,000 subscribers, its financial results are not sufficient to pay the clubs a promised 60 million dividend.

According to a report in the Financieel Dagblad, the club has to get an additional loan of 15 million from the Royal Bank of Scotland in order to pay the clubs.

With just 350,000 paying subscribers, the income is not sufficient to make ends meets, let alone pay a dividend to the clubs. The total number of subscribers has to rise by another 200,000 in order to have a valid business case.

When the channel was launched by the Dutch football association KNVB and the clubs themselves, hopes were high and a total number of 800,000 subscribers was expected.

Insiders believe this number can never be achieved on the Dutch pay-TV market, with the highest ever number reached being 400,000 homes.