'The Grudge Match', a bruising new reality show

Chris Forrester

Total Sports Asia has entered into a partnership with The Grudge Match Series, claimed to be a new concept in sports and reality TV that will see TSA market and distribute the programmes across Asia and the Middle East.

The idea sees former professional sports stars facing each other, all over again, but this time its different in that instead of their chosen sports, The Grudge Match will see these rivals take to the boxing ring to meet one-on-one. Each show will see 3 to 4 bouts of boxing with 3x2 minute rounds. All bouts are regulated under the rules of the European Boxing Federation.

The first Series will see Grudge Matches between the likes of Manchester Utd vs Manchester City, Liverpool vs Everton, Newcastle vs Sunderland, Aston Villa vs West Brom and of course Celtic vs Rangers. The second Series will not only see ex-Footballers, but also former professional Rugby players, plus other sports and also Celebrity Grudge Matches, featuring the likes of 'Celebrity Chef's.

Julian Jackson, SVP at Total Sports Asia said: “The idea of putting gloves on former sports stars to battle it out in the ring is ingenious. As soon as I heard about it I knew we had to get involved. There are so many fights I would love to see personally, and we are sure that sports fans across Asia will love it also.”

Steve Merry, founder & CEO of The Grudge Match Series, said: “We have always believed Asia to be an extremely important market for us and to be partnering TSA to service that market is fantastic news for The Grudge Match. We are delighted to have such a high profile and professional organization as TSA as our partner.”

The Grudge Match Series was formed in 2008 by CEO and Founder Steve Merry. The Series launched in May with Spurs vs Chelsea, at the Hilton Hotel Watford, UK. The Grudge Match Series Inc (headquartered in New York City) was formed in January 2009 and will see the first US Grudge Match taking place in late summer 2009.

Plans are already in place to take The Grudge Match Series into France, Germany and Spain.