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Thread: me ndimoni pak

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    Arrow me ndimoni pak

    kam nevoje qe te gjej nje dekoder dreambox ku mund ti shikoj te ghitha kanalet se lash lesh ne digitalb e ne tring per per me pa neshjet e filmat kush me ndihmon me e gjet at dekoder ka nje shperblim me lek ju mirpres ju lutem me ndihmoni flm tung e klm

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    Re: me ndimoni pak

    You've been warned too much! be carefully after next post, you'll earn a BAN.

    1) Please read Rules and Guide plus FAQ or Albanian Rules
    2) Use search button before make an new thread that exist.
    3) We at SatSupreme help each other no for profit advantage or make money, so nobody can help you for money.
    4) This forum is based in English language, so do not go around talking in non English language,
    if you want to writte in non English use General Discussions Pickup an language and writte without violated rules.
    5) Ask your question in Dreambox for Albanian spoken

    Be very carefull next time, an other mistake from you would'nt tolerated.

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