Portugal passes 343,000 triple-play subs at end-2008

Portugal had 343,000 subscribers to triple-play services by the end of 2008, nearly double the end-2007 figure of 179,000, according to a new report from the country's telecoms regulator Anacom.

The first provider of quadruple-play services (fixed-line telephony, mobile telephony, Internet and TV) entered the Portuguese market last year and reached 9,650 customers by year-end. There were found to be a total of ten operators of multi-play packages in the country, reaching 744,000 subscribers (up 31.7% year-on-year). The main providers of multi-play packages were the Zon group, with 42.1% of the market, followed by Cabovisão with 28.7%, then Portugal Telecom with 19%, followed by Sonaecom with 7.6%.

Portugal had a total of 2.3mn pay-TV subscribers by the end of last year, with IPTV accounting for 223,700 of these, while DTH accounted for 586,000 and cable accounted for the remainder. The Portuguese pay-TV market was found to be worth EUR 578.9mn, with cable TV again dominating the market with revenues of EUR 405mn, while satellite contributed EUR 163mn and IPTV delivered EUR 9.8mn.

The most common speed of broadband connection in Portugal last year was found to be 8 Mbps, with prices for this speed found to be slightly higher in Portugal than the average for EU countries - EUR 29.29 per month compared to EUR 29.81 per month.