So far was the famous one-click Hoster Rapidshare as an insider tip for secure exchange of copyrighted material. Now, however, make all Fileshare taken, then the security of personal data will soon end. As now known, must Rapidshare, on the basis of Section 101 of the Copyright Act in certain circumstances, the IP address of the user name of his offer. All providers must be the law that their clients based on IP identification. What can the consequences for? Very often an expensive warning was called for particularly frequent downloads can also lead to Hausdruchsuchungen come.
The law firm sent Rasch recently published a warning on behalf of the four major music labels EMI, Universal, Sony and Warner. The nice letter from the office went to a person who is currently vorgewurfen was the title of the Top 100 from the German charts at Rapidshare uploaded it. Subsequently, the links on other forums have been made available to his. "We then called our attorney and the client company RapidShare AG, 1 & 1 Internet AG and the German company Deutsche Telekom AG to provide information pursuant to § 101 UrhG utilized.", So you said the legal action.

Illegal Filesharing
If any copyrights are the protected works has so far been relatively safe on the Filehoster disseminate and apply. Those days are over now. The first warnings will soon be sent.

In Germany, pirates tremble, because Rapidshare is one of the largest
Filehoster, new cooperates with the investigating authorities: "If a civil claim for information in accordance with Section 101 of the Copyright Act is, we are obliged to IP address issue, if we have them," said a spokeswoman from RapidShare to 20 minutes online. The IP address is a type number of the computer on which providers of Internet access customers can identify.

Even those who pay, will be unmasked
For non-paying RapidShare users will store the data set of the IP address during the past ten to 100 minutes has been downloaded, according to the spokeswoman. This information remained about two hours in the system. For premium users, the amount of data which, within 24 hours from an IP address has been downloaded, logged. This information will remain current 30 days on the Rapidshare servers and can be used in the premium zone be. Among these, only owners of pay access accounts, they have converted about 83 francs annual fee, inter alia, increased bandwidth and more Webspeicher available as free-user. The site gu ***. com has now reported that a German Rapidshare users a fine of several thousand euros had to pay. He is the copyrighted material uploaded and then a warning of the Hamburg firm Rasch received.

Even in Switzerland it is uncomfortable
Like 20 minutes online learned must Rapidshare pirates, too soon to expect that when they ring the police. "We are now in the first case against Rapidshare users that are on the provider copyrighted content on the Web offering," says Wilfried Oats country by the Swiss branch of the International Federation Of Producers Of Phonograms And Video Grams (IFPI) over 20 minutes online . Although the Swiss Association of the music industry so far no active IP addresses requested by, close but for the future. "Fortunately, our association is active globally," says Oats country. We have the addresses of other IFPI-state associations will receive in their countries RapidShare due to the legislation had to cooperate. "Of course we can because of the legal basis in Switzerland only on protected files uploader proceed," said Oats country, "because the pure download is here not necessarily to sue."
Four months ago had beat Högger, Deputy Head of the IFPI Switzerland, in an interview with 20 minutes Online announced, together with the ISPs against music pirates want to proceed. Those who repeatedly disregards copyrights, which the Web access should be blocked, so Högger. Happened so far nothing of the sort. In France a failed legislative initiative Anfgan of the month. She was the creation of an authority which persistent pirates with a network lock, up to one year would have been able to document