Viasat to launch new Pace HD set-top

By Julian Clover | June 8, 2009

Viasat is introducing a new Pace HD receiver for its subscribers in the Scandinavian market.
In common with most modern receivers the Pace DS830NV supports MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 content streams. It features NDS conditional access and its MediaHighway middleware. Like its PVR counterpart, the TDS850NV, the receiver has broadband connectivity through an Ethernet port.

A multi-language user interface makes its suitable for deployment in other markets, such as the Baltics, where Viasat also has a significant presence.
Bartek Gudowski, CEO of Viasat Satellite Services AB said deployments of Pace technologies were now in their sixth year and the company remained the sole supplier of its PVRs.

“This latest deployment is especially important in that it helps us to deliver full HD capabilities to a larger number of subscribers in more regions. Designed for a highly competitive market, this HD box will help us to grow our business due to the increased functionality it provides together with the growing proportion of HDTV subscribers.”

The look of the box was designed by the Pace Industrial Design team to reflect the latest trends in consumer electronics and home interiors.