Italy passes 10m DTT installs

By Julian Clover | June 9, 2009

Italy now has 10,186,000 DTT installations after an increase of 346,000 units in March took the country over the magic 10 million mark.

According to data compiled by Makno, and released by the digital television association Digita, 8,393,000 households have at least one receiver installed in the main family home.

Figures from research firm GfK suggest the country may already be in a replacement cycle as families upgrade to more sophisticated devices. GfK says 511,000 DTT receivers were sold in March, of which 362,000 were Integrated Digital Televisions (IDTVs), and the remainder standalone set-top boxes.

Culmulative sales of DTT receivers sold between February 2004 and March 2009 stand at 13,923,000. Of these 55.8% are standalone set-top boxes and 44.2% IDTVs.