Disney XD launches in Germany

Written by Jörn Krieger

US entertainment concern Walt Disney will launch its television channel Disney XD in Germany this October. The channel, which will replace children’s service Jetix, will mainly target eight to twelve year old boys with an emphasis on action films, series and cartoons.

Distribution will be via cable and satellite on the pay-TV platform Premiere/Sky in the basic package Sky Welt. “Our goal is to develop the first male youth-focused entertainment brand with the famous Disney quality standards,” said Lars Wagner, vice president & general manager of Disney Channels Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

The service, which will be financed through subscription fees, advertising and sponsoring, plans to establish itself from inception as a cross-media brand with strong ties to the internet.

Walt Disney launched Disney XD in the USA in February, followed by further countries. The company plans to gradually replace its Jetix channels in Europe with the new brand which elucidates the affiliation with the Disney trademark.

Jetix evolved from children’s channel Fox Kids, which Disney acquired in October 2001.