Plugin in DREAMBOX determines whether it is plagiarism

Released: 10.06.2009, 19:43 TODAY! | Author: Martin Vyleťal

TV Dream Multimedia, manufacturer of multimedia devices DREAMBOX, will soon use a new system of authentication DREAMBOX receivers. In the foreseeable future will be available for DREAMBOX plugin, which will determine whether the original receiver.

The system will operate so that s / w plugin connects to the server manufacturer and verified by the receiver. The user now will know whether the original product or plagiarism. According to the manufacturer will improve services to its customers, who receive specific information on the purchased product. It is not clear yet whether the plug will block the receiver or will the information on the device.

Plugin is an extension of the original idea to protect the owner of the original set-top boxes - holograms on the packaging receivers. Given that the package may be the original, itself a copy of the original receiver, the producer decided to improve the protection of even the receivers.