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Thread: New S*y UK Card not working

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    Unhappy New S*y UK Card not working

    Has anyone successfully got the new uk S*y cards working in Daragon/T-Rex cam.

    The old blue and yellow card worked a treat, but when the new viewing card came and I activated it in receiver, the new card says "Unknown" in Dragon Cam and the old card just gives a black screen.


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    Re: New S*y UK Card not working

    So far I had a luck with new Sly UK card only using NewCS 1.66 rc1 and modified phoenix device..... box key is needed as well.....
    I do not think there is a chance to read this card using T-Rex

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    Re: New S*y UK Card not working

    Same problem with me, I came here to download the later 2.29 firmware ? Does that not work then ?

    Have you tried editing the .dra file with the new card code using PredEdit ? New code I think is 0963. I am awaiting my loader card so can't try it myself yet. If you have the chance give it a go to let me know if it works, thanks.

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    Re: New S*y UK Card not working

    Has anybody found a way of making the white sky card work yet on a dragon cam?

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