Macrovision unveils new Neon EPG

Thursday, June 11 2009, 08:46 BST

By Andrew Laughlin

Macrovision has unveiled its latest piece of software aimed at improving user access to digital TV and other content at home, according to VNUNet.

Codenamed Neon, the application is an improved version of the company's existing electronic programme guide (EPG).

The product claims to offer a greater quality of information about programming, including detailed synopses and still images.

Users are able to set up personal profiles for the system to make viewing recommendations, while they can also access photos, music and other content stored on their home network.

Dave Jordan, vice president of marketing at Macrovision, told the website that "entertainment is shifting from traditional to digital media", with consumers wanting to watch content "whenever they like on a device of their choice".

He added that the company hopes to integrate Neon into new digital television sets by next year, but stopped short of naming specific brands.