Choof TV

Choof TV. That is the name of the new Tunisian TV channel that will emerge in the coming weeks. It will be launched by the company Vnet. Will it be a general channel? Ms. Chafika Chamas, founder and director of the box says: "It will be neither general nor proper theme. It states: "It's an alternative. An attempt to break the codes, to invent, to create new concepts Tunisians, with a tone shifted. The target audience? "First of all 15-35 year olds. But many programs can reach an audience of all ages. One can say that we chose the position of a string for 7 to 77 years, as Tintin! Tunisian production will be honored on Choof TV, with 60% of programs made in Tunisia. They will be made by boxes of Propaganda productions Nejib Belkadhi. "This collaboration is part of a very active partnership with Vnet, we share the same values, the same entrepreneurial spirit and passion for a space of creativity Tunisian 100%, 100% new, resolutely turned towards the future, "says Chams.