Asia-Pac best for Mobile TV growth

Chris Forrester

According to the Global Mobile TV Forecast report, the Asia-Pacific region will account for more than 50% of the global Mobile TV subscribers by the end of 2013 due to the rapid technological developments in countries like China, Japan, South Korea and India. The comment comes from Japanís Corporate News Network.

Mobile TV deployments are rapidly taking place in many countries of the region and across the world as operators are seeing this market as the biggest opportunity to bring their declining ARPU back on track. South Korea and Japan, two of the region's most mature mobile markets, have already introduced Mobile TV broadcast services built on home grown standards.

South Korea spearheaded the DMB (Digital Multimedia Broadcasting) standards and launched S-DMB (Satellite-DMB) and T-DMB (Terrestrial-DMB) in 2005, while Japan launched ISDBT (Integrated Services Digital Broadcasting - Terrestrial), or 1-seg, in the same year (2005).

Both countries are expected to hit the mass adoption of technology by 2010, when the rest of Asia-Pacific joins the commercial Mobile TV service bandwagon. The report anticipates fast growth in the Chinese Mobile TV market in terms of subscriber base over the forecast period.

The country is deliberating its home-grown standards, i.e. T-DMB and CMMB (China Multimedia Mobile Broadcasting), for the country's national Mobile TV broadcast standard. Meanwhile, the introduction of 3G will also help the country to develop its Mobile TV market over the forecast period.

Other countries such as Hong Kong, Malaysia and India will emerge as the potential leading markets in the region, says the report.