I have a 2.3 wifi cam with 2 card reader and cas 3 plus.
My last uw file loaded was 1.80. Something was wrong with cs and I tried to format cam. First time error but second time was a succes. For that time....nothing!! When I try to format="please wait" and then "error to connect to diablocam".
When I try to restore backup file the error message is "cam not error"! I tried to backup original files and backup files created by others. Same thing. Sometimes 30% was loading and....the same "cam not error".
When I try to upgrade the cam with any version of UW the message are:
"wait for diablocam connection"
"write data addr"...works because is loading 30%(uw 1.80)
and than..."Writing Data to Flash ... Please wait.
DIABLOCAM Flash written successfully
Waiting for Filesystem update ...
Operation error".
Thanks for any advice!
What else can I try?
The pins are ok! I notice the flashing lights are not ok. Only the red one and the yellow one are flashing. No green flashing!!