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Thread: ZON TVCabo card change

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    ZON TVCabo card change

    * 2009-06-15 17:02:34 / Janusz Sulisz
    * Last updated: 2009-06-15 17:56:35
    * Source: sateliteinfos

    Portuguese Satellite ZOŃ TVCabo platform will carry out exchange their cards on the system operating code Nagravision 3. The operator has repeatedly had problems with receiving illegal ZOŃ offer TVCabo. To prevent this, the first pay-TV market, has opted for a system Nagravision 3.

    The new cards will be marked Rom 190. Currently, subscribers use of the cards Rom version 142.

    Through the exchange of cards will be excluded the possibility of sharing

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    ZON TV Cabo will change your decoder card

    Published on Monday June 15 2009 16:00

    The digital platform will change Portuguese ZON TV Cabo Nagravision smart cards, two years after the eradication of piracy affecting it. Now, announcing a new card in exchange for the conditional access system Nagravisioin 3. ZON TV Cabo was the first Pay TV operator in this system. Subsequently, he continued to Digital +. Thus the current smart card ROM 142 is replaced by a new version of the so-called Rom 190.

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    Re: ZON TVCabo card change

    we not know yet
    info card this need to wait new card

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