Eurovision ordered capacity in Ku and C band at 10E

Released: 15.06.2009, 17:06 TODAY!

Eurovision Eutelsat concluded with two contracts for capacity on the Eutelsat W2A satellite in Ku band and C band. This is the first customer who will use the transponder in the C band for television broadcasting.

Eurovision, a leading distributor of sports programs and news reports on the world's most important transmitters and media platforms, will use the new capacity to the global network to provide a wide range of content, including HD and the highest quality multi-sound.

Capacity in Ku band at position 10 ° E will use the pan cover. On the neighboring position 7 ° E similar service uses the Eutelsat W3A satellite.

Eurovision is the first customer W2A, making use of capacity in "céčku" for distributing content between Europe and Africa. W2A will allow the transmission of content between the two continents. Capacity already used for the FIFA Confederations Cup, which takes place from 14 28 June in South Africa, which in 2010 will build the football World Cup, which will be hosted by South Africa.

Eutelsat W2A was issued on the 3rd April 2009 and commercial operation began on the 19th May 2009. Satellites are intended for professional video, data and Internet services.

Eurovision is a part of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), the largest association of national broadcasters in the world. Eurovision operates a global network and satellite platform dedicated to leading sports and news eventům international vysílatelům and media market. Community Eurovision contains more than 3 thousand broadcaster around the world.