Nice biz win for NSS over Taiwan

Chris Forrester

SES-New Skies used the Casbaa/CommunicAsia event in Singapore to announce a three-transponder order from Teleport Access Services. The deal will see up to 50 channels beamed into Taiwanese homes.

The new channels will be carried on the NSS-11 craft at 108.2 deg East . Teleport Access Services (TAS) is Taiwan's leading cable distributor and already carries 115 channels into the country, and using 4 satellites to do the job.

Yu-Chun Kuo, President of TAS said: "The NSS-11 satellite provides optimal coverage of our target market in Taiwan, allowing for reliable, high-performance cable feeds to some 7 million Taiwanese cable TV households. We look forward to a fruitful collaboration with SES Americom-New Skies."

Elias Zaccack, VP/Sales, Asia-Pacific at SES Americom-New Skies, concurs: "With more than 155 TV channels on board, NSS-11 is establishing itself as a leading video neighborhood over Asia-Pacific. NSS-11 provides access to the Philippines, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Korea. Currently, the satellite carries channels in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Tagalog and Korean."