Premiere/Sky defends Bundesliga pricing

By Robert Briel | June 16, 2009

The new pricing structure of German pay TV platform Premiere/Sky has caused much uproar amongst football fans in the country. Marketing of the new offer will start ion July 4, when Premiere becomes Sky.

New subscribers to the live Bundesliga games have to buy the entry level Sky Welt package at EUR 16.90 monthly before they can subscribe to the live coverage of the 612 games in the first and second league. The total monthly costs to them will be EUR 32.90. Existing subscribers will be able to hold on to their current price plan, which costs EUR 19.99 a month.

German football fans now have an alternative to the Sky package: Deutsche Telekom has the IPTV rights to the live Bundesliga games. But people have to buy the basic broadband access and telephony bundle first before they can access the T-Entertain IPTV service. This will cost EUR 59,90 monthly including the Liga Total bouquet.