India movie glut creates problems

Chris Forrester

Bollywood is in a serious spot of bother. For the past few months its prolific movie industry has been on strike, with craft unions demanding more cash. The strike is now settled. But now film producers are desperate to release their movies and start earning cash.

Local reports state that more than 90 movies are lining up for release, spread out over the next 30 weeks to year-end. To avoid the famine turning into an unmanageable feast, local producers have formed a ad-hoc committee to self-regulate release dates, and maximise revenues.

Not helping matters are the nation's big sporting occasions, when traditionally Bollywood's blockbusters are held back, but the T20 World Cup games only encroaches on an already tight release pattern.

Producers are promising all the usual hype and hysteria for the major releases, so press, TV and outdoor advertising ought not to suffer, and in some cases might even benefit as the movie's backers re-energise the market.