TDF to trial push VOD in France

By Robert Briel | June 18, 2009 | 09:33 UK

TDF, together with Viaccess and Quadrille, is offering broadcasters the opportunity to test push VOD on digital terrestrial television.

TDF, a broadcasting transmission network operator, has selected Viaccess for content protection, Quadrille for the software and 7M & Proxy Electronics.

Quadrille is currently involved in the design of content push and VOD systems for both Satellite or DTT and IP DSL networks.
The ecosystem of partners is composed of Quadrille, Viaccess and 27M. QuadriCast solution offers a bandwidth independent means of distributing any form of digital content.

For the TDF project, Viaccess conditional access solutions will secure the content distributed. V
27M Technologies, a hardware and software design house in the field of set-top boxes and DTV, is offering a reference software combination of the 27M DVB software stack and Viaccess ACS 3.0 Conditional Access which has already passed the Viaccess Certification Process.

Together with the Mpeg 4HD PVR HW design also provided by 27M, it guarantees that the Set Top Box platform meets the highest level of compliance with the Viaccess Content protection mechanism.