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Thread: My Vantage is dead!

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    Unhappy My Vantage is dead!

    My Vantage 7100s, after a power interruption, does not boot, but - when I power it on - the display indicates "loading" and the led "Vantage" on the right (above the card slots) is flashing! Please help me!

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    Re: My Vantage is dead!

    One reason can be in power supply unit, check it. Sometimes one optron (optical semicondactor) is going out of order. If You are not good in electronics, contact with specialists! If everything is OK with power supply, try to reload the software via RS232 cable with Vantage editor software.

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    Re: My Vantage is dead!

    Tried to load via RS232, but no success. I think there is a problem with the power unit. Thanks for your advice.

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    Re: My Vantage is dead!

    The receiver has been sent to Vantage Germany, MB changed and returned to Greece as new, without paying anything. Thank you Vantage!

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