UPC adds Dutch public HD channels

By Robert Briel | June 18, 2009 | 14:26 UK

UPC Nederland said it will start to carry the three Dutch public HD nets Nederland 1, 2 and 3 from thier first day of broadcast on July 4.

The channels will be added to the basic HD subscription package at no additional cost. The total number of HD channels on UPC now counts eleven including the premium channels Film1 HD and Sport 1 HD.

The other channels in the HD package are Discovery HD, National Geographic HD, History HD, Eurosport HD, MyZen TV HD and Zoom HD.
The basic HD package costs an additional EUR 9 a month on top of the basic cable access fee (EUR) 16.70) and the digital start packgae (EUR 4). The subscription fee includes the rental of an HD cable tuner. Other HD packages are available including a PVR option.

The three Dutch public HD channels will now be available from day one on the two largest cable nets in the country, Ziggo and UPC, with 1.18 million digital homes and 670,500 respectively.