Voice of Vietnam signs cooperation deal with CNN

by Andy Sennitt

Radio the Voice of Vietnam (VOV) and the Turner Broadcasting System Asia Pacific have signed an agreement in Hanoi on June 19, allowing VOV to use programming services from CNN. Under the two-year deal, VOV can now receive, monitor, record and incorporate excerpts from CNN services such as CNN International, International Newsource and CNN Radio in the news and information programmes to be broadcast on its channels. This includes the video image radio channel known as VOV TV. VOV is also licensed to publish CNNís news stories on its website.

Ann Chu, director of CNNís Broadcast Sales & Affiliate Relations, said that this was the first time CNN and the VOV have established cooperative ties and that the Turner Broadcasting System Asia Pacific plans to sign a similar deal with Vietnam Television. She expressed her belief that cooperative ties between CNN and Vietnamese media agencies will be strengthened in the future.

VOV Deputy General Director Hoang Minh Nguyet spoke highly of the deal, which she said will help improve the quality of radio broadcasts by keeping audiences better informed of what is happening around the world. She also stated that the VOV and CNN will continue to cooperate and share information in many other areas in the future.