SRG considers terminating VoD

Jörn Krieger

Swiss public broadcaster SRG SSR idée suisse is considering terminating its internet-based video-on-demand service after the trial which commenced in August 2007 proved unsuccessful.

Only 763 downloads were achieved, Patrizia Pesko from SRG's television department told Swiss newspaper Mittelland Zeitung, adding that this corresponds to less than two downloads per day. Technical difficulties were also experienced. "We need more funds for optimising the service, but that isn't possible because we have to save", explained Alberto Chollet from SRG's general management. Chollet has to give SRG's general director Armin Walpen suggestions for the service's future within two weeks. "We are considering whether VoD is really one of our priorities or if we wouldn't be better off concentrating on film production."

The premium online video library offers Swiss films for between one and six francs (€0.66 to €3.98). Access is granted for a 48 hour period.