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Thread: Gold card files ?

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    Question Gold card files ?

    Hi There !
    Can someone help me with Hexfiles to my Goldcard ?
    I´m looking for Viasat Videoguard hexfiles files for the Nordic chanels , or if there is hexfiles to Conax for the Nordic chanels ??
    I would be happy if some one could help me with this , or can tell me what files i should use to see chanels on Thor and Sirius satelites.

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    Re: Gold card files ?

    As far as i'm aware Videoguard isn't hacked yet, and there aren't any keys/hex files available for conax, although there are other means of receiving conax, ...i'm told!

    Depending on what size dish & how many LNB's you've got, there are loads of channels ('viaccess') you can see on hotbird, with your goldcard. I had only thor & sirius before (sounds like you too have a fixed dish with 2 LNB's, for thor/sirius), but the possibilites of seeing hundreds of additional channels on hotbird/astra seemed a better bet! If you haven't got one already, you'll need a 90cm dish (depends a bit on where you are), with 4 universal LNB's (for thor, sirius, hotbird & astra). A '' or 'TPSART_Via2_GW' file will get you loads of channels on hotbird, though there are other newer viaccess files out, which may give you even more channels, but not all files work with all receivers, and alot of the files for viaccess coming out now seem unreliable.

    Hope this helps!

    Good Luck!

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