Latens tops 100K in Poland

Chris Forrester

Software-based encryption specialists Latens says it has now topped 100,000 secure digital connections for Multimedia Polska, a hybrid DVB-C and IPTV system.

Multimedia Polska is a provider of triple play services, offering a combination of Cable TV, Voice and Broadband Internet in a single package. "In partnership with Latens, Multimedia Polska has revolutionised Pay-TV in Poland," said a statement.

"The hybrid DVB-C and IPTV network is both protected and enabled by Latens' software Conditional Access (CAS) solution, which has allowed Multimedia Polska to become one of the most pioneering regional operators offering a range of advanced media services including Video on Demand (VoD) and HDTV."

"The Latens software CAS provides Multimedia Polska with a unique solution that allows its Cable and IPTV networks to be secured from a single headend. Latens CAS is highly integrated with Multimedia Polska's IPTV and DVB-C infrastructure, including ADB set-top boxes with MHP middleware from Osmosys and IPTV middleware from Minerva."

"This is another great milestone for Multimedia Polska and the constant level of superior customer support provided by Latens gives us a solid foundation for our customer focused service," says Bartlomiej Kasinski, Strategy and Development Director, Multimedia Polska.