The Romanian company RCS / RDS, a leading media companies in Central and Eastern Europe, is currently in a difficult financial situation. Reportedly, the company RCS / RDS, the owner of the multi-Digi TV satellite, has very serious problems of repayment of loans, which are borne by the company to the value of 9.7 million dollars. This can not complete the exchange of cards Nagravision. RCS / RDS is also a leading cable operator in Romania, but it is better known as the operator of one of the largest satellite platforms DTH in our region, and talks about Nagravision encoded and distributed in the position of the platform Digi TV 1W. It operates through six countries in Central and Eastern Europe, including Romania, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The company RCS / RDS in 2008 reached a turnover of 700 million. The most valuable markets, both in terms of cable and satellite to Romania and Hungary. Both Digi TV market has many competitors - in Romania, four platforms and two in Hungary DTH platform.

Had already specified that RCS / RDS lost many management staff and the beginning - yet the crisis and changes in the exchange rate. In addition, most workers in the work to be competitive Romanian satellite platform Focus Sat (Thor 3 - 0.8 W), and Dolce TV (Hellas Sat 2 - 39 E), supported by the UPC and Romtelecom. The company's restructuring its business and now represent a much greater threat to the RCS / RDS before. Digi TV has begun to lose momentum.

RCS / RDS also lost Olidiu Ghiman, one of the 15 largest in the industry in Romania, who now works for the competitiveness of the operator Romtelecom.

Digi TV Channels package are distributed by satellite, Intelsat 10-02 (1 W). Digi TV system uses the Nagravision conditional access. Unfortunately, financial difficulties are not able to replace all cards nieszczelnego system Nagravision 2, which almost nobody uses them, the last card in Nagravision 3. The operator can not cope with piracy, and this is compounded by the financial results and near accidents. In addition, the rebels of commercial television in many countries that do not receive payment (usually starting in euros) for the channels broadcast. If you can not help banks, and it is difficult to count in an era of crisis, Digi TV will be in search of investors or sell any DTH platform. No more help to increase the subscription