Freeview HD set for December

The UKs first terrestrial HD TV service will launch before the end of the year. Graham Plumb, Head of Distribution Technology for BBC Operations Group, has confirmed a December 2nd launch date for Freeview HD on the BBCs technology blog, saying that the first transmissions will come from the Winter Hill transmitter serving Manchester and Liverpool.
Plumb adds that his team is looking for ways to upgrade transmitters that serve large sections of the population early. One example is London, which is scheduled to get Freeview HD in 2012; however a transmitter upgrade is being planned for December this year. He writes: "There are another four main transmitters that we plan to upgrade in the first half of 2010. We can give the names and dates of these transmitters in a little while when plans are a bit firmer. We are also planning an upgrade to the Digital UK postcode database, which will tell viewers when they can expect their transmitter to be upgraded to Freeview HD."