FLO TV cuts prices to boost take-up

Qualcomm is reportedly cutting the subscription price of its mobile TV service, FLO TV, in an attempt to increase its usage.
Currently, AT&T and Verizon sets the price of FLO TV, which is often bundled with other video services to boost the entire cost of the package to $25 and up a month. FLO TVís head, Bill Stone, acknowledges this is too expensive. FLO TV plans to drop the price down, "probably less that $10 a month" for an annual plan. It is also considering one day passesópriced at perhaps $5 a month, while month-to-month subscriptions may cost around the $10 mark.
Other plans include to increase its distribution selling a gadget the size of a keychain that would receive TV signals over the air and send them over WiFi to smartphones, including the iPhone, Blackberry devices, and other smartphones without a built in TV receiver. The company is also looking beyond mobile phones to other gadgets that could be embedded with a receiver.