France Télévisions boosts factual policy

Pascale Paoli-Lebailly

France Télévisions intends to strengthen its documentary strategy this autumn, with new dedicated slots launched on its various channels. The group has announced it will invest €82m this year into factual and documentary programmes, compared to €80.7m in 2008 and €79.3m in 2007.

Last year, France's public channels estimated they have financed 60% of French documentary production and 6,589 hours transmitted compared to
6,304 in 2007.

Relying on prime-time historical or science events as well as strong subjects, France 2 is going to open a late Sunday afternoon slot on nature and environment.

A new prime-time slot is also coming to France 3 which will cover social issues.
On France 5, documentary films are representing 50% of the schedules.